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The Perfect Predator


The strategy works with a time of 4 hours
The trading system is effective with both long and short trades
Active capital management
The BOT was made in FEBRUARY 2018
Walk forward performed 70/30 not anchored
The Bot has undergone a Stress Test with the Montecarlo to be efficient and profitable, but the best test is that for 4 years the Bot has “NEVER” been re-optimized, so it has overcome everything ….. Pandemic, war, inflation etc.

Free choice on the number of contracts to be used

This algorithm, like all those of the Store, are used on a “REAL ACCOUNT”

The simple realization of the algorithm confirms that the less they are optimized, the more they earn “ALWAYS” over time.


Details of the algorithm

Hours of entry: Open 24 hours
Stoploss for long trades: 3.70%
Stoploss for short trades: 4.20%
Trailing stop: Yes
Max DrawDown: € 991.50 with a single € 1 contract
Both Long and Short Target: Adaptable to market volatility
Maximum performance reached 4.46%

Below is the Backtest, which as mentioned above was carried out in February 2018, even outside Backtest is perfect in terms of stability of returns, practically identical to the Backtest which stops in February 2018


BackTest 1

Below the LIVE, as you can see, performs few operations, about 20 per year but with a high percentage of winnings




The consecutive winning trades “11” are very high, unlike the losing ones, only “3”

Fig. 4

The percentage of winning trades is also high, almost 80% and the Profit / Loss ratio “2.9”

Fig. 3

Note how the BOT also performs extremely well on quarterly performance

Fig. 5

Below the functioning of the BOT is highlighted, where it is evident that the entrance is always on the side of the trend, which with a Time Frame of 4 hours is decisive for the constant gain over the years.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2



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