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Pricing information:
The DAX 2H Reverse DT SAT Includes:
Subscription with a choice of 3/6/12 months

Product description :
Updates to the DAX 2H Reverse DT SAT  it will be shipped free of charge during the subscription period.
The market is constantly changing, to stay up to date with the changing market, the DAX 2H Reverse DT SAT  algorithm will be constantly monitored and updated to obtain an improvement in current performance.
After-sales assistance:
I am always at your complete disposal for questions or explanations of the    DAX 2H Reverse   Trading System you can contact me by e-mail at any time. I will respond to your requests as soon as possible.


This algorithm is used on a “real account” as it is clearly shown in the graph to the right.

Only One Contract is used in the real trading system

– The Trading System is effective with both Long and Short operations
Free choice on the number of contracts to be used
– Four distinct indicators are used
– An Indicator only for Long operations that has two functions: to identify the underlying trend and one for the resumption of the trend (Swing Trend)
– An Indicator only for Short operations that has two functions: to identify the underlying trend and one for the resumption of the trend (Swing Trend)
– Two indicators for both market directions
– Backtesting Performed Until December 2017
– Checked that 2018 had a performance and drawdown similar to backtesting
– In Demo from 1st January 2019 until 1st November 2019- Added to real account from November 3, 2019 to January 2, 2020
– Revised for improved performance and better pickup
– Demo from January 3, 2020 to May 27, 2020
– Remittance to the real account from May 28, 2020
– Performed Walk Forward 70/30 not anchored
– As can be seen from the Walk Forward performed The Trading System has 30 randomly generated start dates ….. with a time adequate for its operation, the Trading System always remains positive.






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This algorithm is used on a “real account” as it is clearly shown in the graph below.


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Swing trading

What is swing trading? …. How does swing trading work?
Swing trading is one of the most effective techniques I use,
this type of investment is halfway between intraday trading and buy and hold: swing trading means taking a position in line with the main trend and holding it for a few days.


Swing trading: practical example


swing trend

2 reviews for DAX 2H Reverse D.T. SAT

  1. Tradinator (verified owner)

    I bought this strategy about 3 months ago. It is positive in live trading. The author is very accommodating and available. I absolutely recommend ! For my part, I am renewing my subscription. Congratulations Mauro

  2. ckwtrader (verified owner)

    It’s my second purchase because of affordable cost and risk 🙂

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Over the years, statistical studies have shown that there is a seasonality on the financial markets that can be favorably exploited, one of the most famous seasons on the financial markets is that of gold. This algorithm exploits the opportunity given by seasonality by modifying the number of contracts used



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