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Trendfollowing strategy working on the 5 minute timeframe on 🇪🇸IBEX35. Optimized for 30% of the bars (IS) and 70% of the bars (OOS). Walk-forward tested with good WF-efficiency. As this is a trendfollowing strategy you will not see hitting the perfect bottom or the perfect top, but you will see a high winrate and trades taking profits following big movements within the current trend. One of our most popular algos, developed in late 2020. Full description of algo, the results and our algo development process can be read on our website


Algo details

📈 Type: Trendfollowing ⏳ Timeframe: 5 minutes
🕑 Entry hours: 24 / 5 Stoploss: 1.65% 
Trade over weekend: Yes    Trailing stop: Yes
Take profit: No  Market: 🇪🇸IBEX35



📈 Gain: 15 954€  Winrate: 90,0%
Profit factor: 4,56 📉 Max Drawdown: 2 513€
Order per day: 0,69  Avg gain / Avg loss: 0.5

Results with 1€ contract (200k bars). Image and results based on backtest from 2020-12-20.


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We know that our customer relationships are a win-win situation. Our customers are running robust algos that will  save them time and make them money. And for us, the ProRealAlgos team, our customers means a risk free income in addition to the risk based income that the same algos are already giving us.  Also, we just like the fact that we are saving people’s time and money.

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4 reviews for 🇪🇸PRA+ IBEX M5

  1. Jen (verified owner)

    Don’t know much about the code but it does the work!

  2. Anders (verified owner)

    I never thought I would have an IBEX system, but as this has been performing well I started it a couple of months back

  3. Marie (verified owner)

    Mi sistema más nuevo, mi segundo mejor desempeño desde que comencé a operar

  4. leiflarsson12 (verified owner)

    One of my best performing algos of 2021

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